Your employees are your best assets. Turn them into a tremendous force with our executive workshops.

One of the best ways to both drive innovation and increase your company’s productivity is to help your team access their full creative and leadership potential. Developed to enhance your employees' skill sets through creative thinking and exercises designed to open the eyes and the mind, our arts-based trainings bridge the gap between the analytical or practical and the creative or inspirational. We impart new skills for better ideation, teamwork, problem solving, efficiency, and fearlessness in the workplace.

Whether you want to jumpstart creative thinking or take your team to the next level, our workshops deliver connectedness, creativity, communication skills, and confidence that will impact your team and your company.

Kickstart Innovation with Arts-based training
The OpenInvo Studio potential:

> Inspire your employees to be a team
> Stimulate thinking and jumpstart your processes
> Empower your employees to be intrapreneurs
> Boost leadership that encourages innovation
> Spur team communication and morale
> Gain new perspectives to better understand connections

All OpenInvo Studio courses are facilitated by business leaders and taught by accomplished artists and creative professionals with extensive teaching experience. Programs run for a half-day (3 hours) or a full-day (6 hours with 1 hour lunch break) based on curriculum, which can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs and objectives.

Below is a sampling of available courses. Click on course titles for complete descriptions. Contact to request a proposal for any of these or to discuss your specific needs and get a recommendation for a customized program.

current course offerings
please click on the workshop title for course description

Individual Innovation and Team Collaboration

Using critical thinking skills to identify each team member's unique abilities.

Originality: Strategies for Obstacle Removal 

Acquire the freedom to make new and powerful decisions that deliver results.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Get the basics on this disruptive alternative currency.

Unleashing the Power of Storytelling

Everyone and every company has a story—discover how to compellingly communicate yours.

Design Thinking for Innovation

Introduction to design thinking and its application.

Design Thinking is Ubiquitous: Things Your Dog Could Do with a Smartphone

Understand design thinking with a hands-on rapid prototyping excercise.

Instant Movie Day: A Video Workshop

Through a collaborative activity of film making, build creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Acting and Improv for Business

Leverages acting techniques and games to impart confidence, presentation skills, teamwork, and creativity.

Reading Pictures: Photography and Visual Communication

Understand how photojournalists tell stories with pictures, and learn how to "read" images rather than just see them.

Exploring Contemporary Art and Its Economic Value

Discover why today’s businesses need contemporary art.

Work to Play, Play to Work: Tapping in to Your Creativity

Collaborative exercises where teamwork is crucial to the mission at hand.


Practice active listening and empower new means for interpreting what we hear and say.

Identity + Communication = Collaboration

Hands-on exercises to enhance team communication, productivity, generate a higher level of job satisfaction, and better connect with the company mission.